How it all started…

Pocket Bunker’s story originates from founder and creator Conrad van Niekerk’s own lifelong love for golf. After his father introduced him to golf his passion for the game developed both on and off the golf course, with him frequently practicing shots at home to refine his skill. This was the onset that eventually led to an entrepreneurial venture where he started installing greens at people’s homes.

Having installed the first practice green at his house and having added a small sand bunker to complete the training area, he became aware of an undeniable inconvenience with the setup. While the artificial grass was easy to maintain and keep clean, residual sand from his practice bunker shots had to be constantly swept off the greens and returned to the bunker.

True to his innovative nature (Conrad is a Mechanical Design Engineer), he thought of potential solutions to practice bunker shots in a more convenient manner. Initial prototypes of a practice device took form by drilling holes in a standard golf ball and filling them with the bristles of a scrubbing brush. The concept worked so well that he started up a small production line at his home. While the concept worked well, the aesthetics were not of a premium standard. This, coupled with the realization that the idea had potential of being mass produced, potentially helping millions of golfers improve their game, led to a long journey of re-designing, planning, testing and more testing. Pocket Bunker was registered, international IP rights were obtained, and plans were underway for full-scale commercial production.

Pierre Swart joined the company at a later stage in a strategic role to assist with the efforts of bringing the product to market.

A personal message from Conrad:

“Our goal is for you to enjoy your game even more by making use of our tested and proven precision designed Pocket Bunker. Pocket Bunker is extremely durable and performs realistically on just about any surface, providing you with the best bunker practice possible. Please let us know how Pocket Bunker has contributed to lowering your score, we would love to hear from you!” – Conrad van Niekerk, Inventor of Pocket Bunker.